Wear them, for every car over Chinese darling

Fathers are usually put 1 "you will not repair is don't touch car" in noises, they also are basically car da. 70s old car drivers to oneself of understanding, than we know that you have a few finger is clear. In the midst of them, and even touched the steering wheel, which screw loose all know "people" everywhere. Of course, along with the people of the quickening pace of life, we need not importune every event of car every gears are clear-sighted, but if you even the car spare tire in what position all don't know, it's still suggest you had better do "big boss", give a bus driver and arwen and send some wages calculate.
Distance have only 30 days, for their own car in the Spring Festival "darling obedient", smoke a time to do a complete physical car is very necessary. Oil, fangdongye, brake pads and batteries etc. This change must be replaced, lamplight, steering mechanism, etc. Parts of check cannot be careless. A deep wound, lateral bulge tires should resolutely modem-cultural discourse. Don't give accidentally leave a little roumania, is before I leave maintenance purposes. But be full inspection, also hard to avoid having small accident happening. People who drive should master automobile repair some of the most basic emergency methods. Especially during the Spring Festival, because of a small problem, don't want to disturb the maintenance teacher does seem to be some not "moral"? Do-it-yourself well-fed, equipped with emergency tools to the afterlife.
Winter rain and snow more, if carelessly, you love a wheel was mud or snow engulfed in a car stock trailer tow rope can come in handy, find a kind of good friend help, save the time waiting for rescue. You can't looked at car doesn't know how next hooks. Car to beautiful, commonly will drag CheGou hidden in the bumper, around a small plate bumper is inside. One word of warning, because cars is used in great quantities in engine booster, don't launch situation, brake, direction, etc., are difficult to operate. If you really "won lottery," car due to a failure paralyzed in the road, it's better to professionals go doing, not informal play "trailer game".






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