All nations insurance: how to correctly

No matter what kind of car, on the road unavoidably will encounter all sorts of problems. If car bad on the road to move on? Many people think the first one is the trailer, you can know how the trailer? How do correct trailer?
First, if must be clearly by ordinary car GuZhangChe mainly aimed at GuZhangChe, rescue manual models is concerned, if is auto models, should not be commonly dragged line, had better ask to have professional rescue experience in processing. But in some circumstances, should be raised by the trailer drive wheels, and gear set in neutral and trip mileage is unfavorable exceed 50 kilometers.
General trailer tool has two kinds: trailer rope and trailer pole. No matter from security Angle or from the use effect for, trailer lever is best choice. When the two cars with rigid trailer disc-stem connection, limber traction vastly or heavier brake pedal application, was tractor can avoid effectively hit limber. Especially was tractor vehicle braking problems, but also must use rigid trailer pole.
Trailer, must first confirm two car firm connection, while ensuring that two car apart in five meters and use color eye-catching trailer tools or in trailer tools hanging on the color cloth. Night trailer as far as possible when using a reflective material trailer tools. Tools should in front and back vehicle ipsilateral trailer hook position for installation, such as GuZhangChe of left hook, then tractor also should choose the left hook, guarantee the road after run straight.
Trailer, experienced driver should drive the car behind, the trailer started because of great burden for a car weight, limber must refueling to improve the engine's speed, then slowly relax the clutch pedal, let the string tight again after the start. Driving don't high-speed and car all must open before and after double flashing warning lights, along the lateral lane road.
The current car shift, trailer will come loose the cords. At this time, and was dragged car mustn't slammed on the brakes. Otherwise, limber refueling, tow rope suddenly taut, suffer. Only when the rope fell to the floor of the flash, just a touch on the brakes. Hill if ramp very long, can put the string off, that the two cars slide down, is like this very respectively safety; If the ramp not long, can hang the string downhill, limber easily don't on the brakes, then car can a touch on the brakes, let the rope always taut. At intersections to when parking, limber first light trample brake, give a few after car a signal, and then after car on the brakes, two car all stop. When turning around, must pay attention to the big circle, as far as possible tight rope, won't produce risk.
In addition, the trailer rope package will have marked maximum traction weight, therefore, if be traction vehicles is heavier, and oneself again cannot judge trailer rope can afford, when owners do not venture act, waiting for professional trailer rescuers came to the rescue.
All nations insurance warm hint: "sometimes with at", and to share with you the trailer experience and eternal hope you also can't be used, but to have these knowledge, your future driving will precaution.






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