Yuan cable GaoPo burglaries

In recent years, as cable price in the market, bringing in the way of a batch of high for interests at desperate "nocturnal thief", they lurk in the twilight, crazy answers. However, DaoGaoYiZhang ", "MoGaoYiChe police station, takahashi recently by night patrol mechanism success had captured a cable theft, criminals involved amount up to 10,000 yuan.
Night patrol touchs sneaky dazzle nocturnal male 2010 on November 8 at 4 am, takahashi police substation ride well-trained personnel patrol in liantang night patrol spotted signs of suspicious when he is HeMou voluble speak a phone, no found before approaching him patrol players direction. Look at the clothes messy, covered with mud HeMou, patrols the occupation sensitive tell them: this man have suspected! Then immediately stopped, HeMou patrols back to police station questioned.
Mustafa ali tools complete take any chances refuse to acknowledge HeMou was taken to a police later, police immediately went for him, and he questioned carry-on searched a paper bag. Be stained with dust the sportswear, muddy sturry sneakers, the knife, flax gloves were successively ferret, such "appearance" for it is already quite clear policemen. However, in such a strong evidence, HeMou or refuse to acknowledge. "These clothes dirty, and I just washed half just, dao and gloves are I've put this bag!" Faced with such pale excuses, police hasn't slack off, they want to do next is finding beneficial evidence, let him take orally!
Divine punishments though slow, are always sure
They have cloud "to knows it, don't do it", done illegal things could not escape legal sanctions. According to police patrol players HeMou gaoqiao intercept the site, civilian police to nearby factories and residents were investigated, indeed as expected have factory was a thief. The stolen is two distance far away company, stolen is PeiDianJian cable and TongXin line company. After police field exploration, make a mud footprints aroused the attention of the police. After comparison, this is exactly HeMou bag ferret shoes!
Facing the solid, HeMou never the favour of the strength, truthfully the explaination 2010 November 7 to climb a wall, force the lock late into nine lattice means respectively sponge mat Co., LTD and xin ocean food additive Co., LTD PeiDianJian who stole booster cables, TongXin line within the fact that at present, has been HeMou tongxiang public security bureau of criminal detention.







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