Digital design support power industry high-speed intelligent development

      In countries "strong intelligent power grid" project promotion, China is now the world of the development of the intelligent power grid one of hot spot market. The resulting power, power automation of electric power system, intelligent equipment demand has increased dramatically. Along with the intelligence of the transformer substation mass incremental, speed and the establishment of the fine degree will face severe test. In YuXiAn recently held "2011 Bentley electric power industry solution theme annual meeting" on, industry experts think, digital design is the electric power industry with high speed and intelligent, and fine important guarantee to develop one of the means.

      Bentley greater China LiuDeCheng President thinks, at present the electrical design institute and construction companies are merging, still need to do both design and construction, and how to control costs and will play to the optimal design is facing a great challenge of design institute. He thinks, digital design is the electric power industry high speed, intelligence, and the development of one of the fine security measure.

      China power engineering consultant group northwest power design and research institute said users, through the establishment of a database, and the use of specialized integral solution can make a design of fine, and more efficient way, internationalization, also can extract data from a database or integration for owner procurement, construction, operation provide data basis. battery clip  In the future, design institute to provide a single drawings from products can be converted into 3 d models, charts, database diversified products and better service to the owner, and to realize the whole life cycle of digital power plant provided protection.

      Beijing power economic institute of technology users comes in the urban core areas built substations, both with the traditional building harmonious, also the main building with other coordinate; In large landscape built near the transformer substation, but also with the scenic spot building in coordination. The traditional way is to do 2 d figure after consultation and the relevant aspects, but that it is difficult to communicate, basically it is difficult to realize our ideal requirements. And through the digital 3 d design patterns, the effect is can present them clearly, communication is very convenient.

      Bentley greater China technical director HeLiBo said, through the digital 3 d design, data between each other to organic linked, once adjustment, the system can hint you, help you to do some judgment and consideration. This is digital involved to bring you good, it can let our design is more accurate, tow rope more accurate. Give a simple example, many materials are a long-distance transportation. If the data is not enough precision, to the material may be a poor, by miles of, delay project period, cause costs.

      Bentley industry sales director QuBin said, electric control system design tools promis-e have many functions, will these functions into the open API programmable interface, the third party can then on this basis for further development, use the API to drive promis-e, more automation to accomplish the task. Because its open, promis-e can as a more thorough application products. In order to adapt to the demand of the Chinese market, Bentley also and partners to promis-e and other products on the second development.









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