Technology Innovation efforts to increase the star cable

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Date: 2018-06-07
June 3, Anhui Star Cable Co., Ltd. invested more than 250 million, in the cross-linking the two 35kV line configuration a German Sicora the online measurement of partial instrument

June 3, Anhui Star Cable Co., Ltd. invested more than 250 million, in the cross-linking the two 35kV line configuration a German Sicora the online measurement of partial instrument, real-time monitoring of product quality and one-installation successfully, marks the company's technological innovation has scaled to a new level.

Produced by the German Sicora ray-type XLPE booster cable test instrument side (X-ray measurement of partial thickness measurement system) is the application of X-ray tomographic methods, high-speed scanning technology and advanced signal processing and the corresponding high-tech software to achieve CV of nitrogen and steam production line in multi-layer cable thickness, eccentricity and the diameter of the cable line, a new high-tech detection systems. Operation monitoring through the computer software program, clearly visible on the computer screen and the triple layer thickness uniformity of the accuracy of meters simultaneously. At the same time extension speed, deceleration and speed across the board, spin-down function, effectively protects the online high-temperature extruded insulation does not trickle the curing process, thereby ensuring the insulation does not bias the concentricity and stress rotation, so that product quality meets the highest international standards requirements, tend to leading domestic level. Meanwhile, the Office installation close to the extrusion head of the telescopic tube moving parts, the production may be based on internal and external real-time display of the cable shield and insulation thickness, eccentricity and the radius at any time to adjust the overall cable extrusion machines, to ensure continued product quality, reduce consumption of raw materials useless and improve production efficiency.

Star cable into operation 5 years ago, now has grown to have two production bases, the eight Area marketing, product marketing at home and abroad, with annual sales of nearly 20 million, now in its second five-year construction phase, the company will vigorously implement the scientific concept of development, changes in mode of development, the product into new areas. Leshan base starting in 2010 build 6 of the world's most advanced production line of 500kV XLPE Cable, will star in Anhui building 12 35kV medium voltage power cable production line, with high precision and advanced and special products to expand the high-end market. At the same time, improve the corporate governance structure, enhance the management level, corporate positioning in the transition to public company, listed in 2012 and entered the capital market. Further increase investment in research and development efforts, enhance product development and technological innovation, accelerate the transformation of scientific achievements, efforts to promote new technologies, new processes, new materials and improve core competitiveness, the 2014 booster cable into a sales super star billion, the strongest comprehensive strength in China, the largest specialty cable leader. The company also has with the Xi'an Jiaotong University, Harbin Institute of Technology, the cable is, the military high, Nuclear Power Institute of China, such as universities, research institutes to establish a stable strategic alliances, and Xi'an Jiaotong University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Chongqing University, Southwest University, Sichuan University, Xinancaitai, Hefei Industrial University and so on personnel training cooperation, vigorously implement human resources strategy and corporate culture, enhance the company's comprehensive strength and overall capacity for sustainable development.